Medical technology companies continue to introduce new devices and other products at an astounding pace, and they are faced with determining precisely how these new technologies fit into today’s coding, coverage and payment environment.

In our constantly evolving, financially sensitive health care environment, carefully targeted reimbursement strategies are critical to the successful launch of new medical technologies. The JGS Group partners with our clients to develop and implement strategic solutions that address barriers to payment for new and existing medical technologies.

What We Offer

How can we assist you? The first step is a customized Reimbursement Assessment, which will provide an overview of the reimbursement climate specific to your technology and guidance for the development of your reimbursement plan. But the process does not end with execution of the plan---long term follow-up and support for your customers are critical to your success. This is where a reimbursement contact center comes into play. A call center is an invaluable tool that serves multiple functions:

  • Customer service
  • Sales team support
  • Data collection
  • Payer advocacy

Our expertise in the arena of healthcare reimbursement enables the JGS Group to map strategies for our clients, from product conception to post-market launch and beyond.