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Jen Murray, CEO

Jen has been at the forefront of the reimbursement industry for more than 25 years and is the founder of the JGS Group, a full-service reimbursement, regulatory and clinical research consulting group.

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Susan Murray, Talent Acquisition and International Commercialization

A vetted talent acquisition expert with more than 17 years in full life cycle recruitment and business development, Susan Murray has a proven ability to foster relationships with executives for life science, pharmaceutical and medical device opportunities.

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Jeff Bush, Reimbursement Advisor

Jeff is a healthcare Market Access and Business Development executive with broad experience in related strategy development and implementation.

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Iye Kanu, Reimbursement Advisor

Iye Kanu is a certified professional coder (CPC) and health payer policy expert with direct experience leading coverage policy development at commercial health plans, including Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and TRICARE lines of business.

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Robert Longyear, Reimbursement Advisor

Robert is our innovative digital and technology health expert as well as our expert on Medicaid and managed care coverage and policy development.

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Timothy “Ty” Cowart, Regulatory and Compliance Advisor

Ty has 40 years of successful experience with emphasis upon regulatory affairs, clinical testing, regulatory compliance, standards testing, quality assurance, quality control, manufacturing controls, design testing and controls.

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Elizabeth Proctor, Regulatory and Compliance Advisor

Elizabeth is a seasoned regulatory and compliance consultant with over 15 years of experience with medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceutical regulatory compliance and quality systems.

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Benjamin J. Schwartz, MD – Medical Advisor

Ben is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in the treatment of joint disorders with a focus on primary and revision hip and knee replacement.

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Mark Terranova

Mark Terranova is the founder of Terranova Advising, which provides support and counsel to leaders of mission-driven organizations to improve their fundraising, revenue, and engagement strategies through better storytelling, messaging, presentations, and events.

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