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Reimbursement Services

JGS is a multifaceted consulting group that assists clients nationally and internationally with payer research, coding assessments, payer alliance strategies, market acceptance, and placement. We have spent the last 20 years successfully creating comprehensive reimbursement assessments and developing commercialization strategies for our clients.

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Regulatory Services

JGS is an international leader in regulatory planning and strategy development.  We combine our years of experience and diverse expertise to develop the most successful regulatory pathway for our clients.  JGS advises, develops and implements regulatory strategies for our clients.

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Clinical Research

Clinical evidence is the foundation for success of any new and innovative technology.  The complex and cumbersome labyrinthine path of getting a new technology to the market requires sound clinical evidence. JGS designs and manages all phases of clinical trials for our clients.

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Call Center Services

The JGS Group provides Reimbursement and Compassionate Care Call Centers specific to your product and technology. The Call Center serves as a customer service tool as well as a data collection center and advocacy program.

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Billing Services

JGS offers Claims Submission services to help deal with the overwhelming process of medical insurance billing. Our team uses their years of experience and expertise to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiency.


International Commercialization

Launching a new product in the US market for a foreign company can be very challenging. JGS partners with our international clients to develop a commercialization plan that includes a roadmap to market access. We are the guides to get you where you need to go.