Innovating for Wellness: Bridging The Gap Between Health Systems And Patients by Robert L. Longyear III


The healthcare system has failed to achieve its purpose: supporting patients in their pursuit of better and stable health. Innovating for Wellness: Bridging the Gap between Health System and Patient explores the ways in which innovators are thinking differently about how healthcare should be provided to our nation’s sickest patients.

75% of U.S. healthcare spending is attributable to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Our system fails to effectively support patients with these illnesses resulting in avoidable emergency department vists and hospitalizations.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Innovative digital health technology start-ups and passionate entrepreneurs
  • The Accountable Care Organization and its creator’s mission to deliver more effective care
  • How healthcare is changing to fundamentally flip from reactive to proactive
  • How mobile technologies are becoming central to care delivery models
  • How digital technology and new payment models are driving better patient outcomes
  • How innovators can look to patient stories to reveal major gaps in the system

Longyear explores these innovations through the lens of a patient and caregiver as his family’s tragic story reveals important insights into how healthcare must change to drive better outcomes. We are in the perfect storm for disruption in healthcare as technology has accelerated and antiquated payment models are being replaced with new incentives.

Innovating for Wellness speaks to professionals, students, patients, caregivers, and those interested in the rapidly changing world of healthcare. If you work in healthcare, have ever been a patient, or are interested in the future of the industry, this book is for you.

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